Rage Cage – Episode January 25, 2019

Don't trust anyone that says, "If you need somebody to talk to, I'm always here." #liars #fakes #thoughtfortheday


  • Shout (Tears For Fears cover)
    Arch Enemy • Covered in Blood
  • Slowly Insane
    Flotsam and Jetsam • The End of Chaos
  • Rhythm To My Madness
    Dust Bolt • Trapped in Chaos
  • Knock 'Em Dead, Kid (Motley Crue cover)
    Dark Sky Choir • End of Days
  • Live Wire
    Fozzy • Fozzy
  • Piece of Your Action
    Motley Crue • Live Wire
  • Top of the Bill
    Scorpions • In Trance
  • Rock You to the Ground
    MSG • Assault Attack
  • Gettin' Ready
    UFO • Lights Out
  • Skal!
    Ye Goat-Herd Gods • All Shall Be Made of Them
  • Blood Moon Rising
    Skymir • Blood Moon Rising
  • Bad Moon Rising (CCR cover)
    Leatherwolf • Leatherwolf
  • Follow the Sun
    Numenorean • Numenorean
  • Divide to Conquer
    Culled • Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn
  • Rotting Misery
    Paradise Lost • Paradise Lost
  • Ancient Temple of the Coffin Spirit
    Kings Rot • Demo MMXVII
  • Triumph Des Fleishes
    Dunkelgrafen • Triumph Des Fleishes
  • Domains of Darkness and Ancient Evil
    Teitanblood • Seven Chalices
  • The Lie of Attraction
    Pandemik9 • Re Birth
  • Digital Degeration
    Black Pestilence • Urban Hell Rhythmics
  • What a Wonderful Death
    Phazm • Hate At First Seed
  • You Suffer/Suffer the Children (Napalm Death cover)
    Kataplexis • Suffer
  • Inner Incineration
    Napalm Death • Harmony Corruption
  • Dark Age
    Vader • The Ultimate Incantation
  • When the Screams Come
    Pentagram • The Vintage Collection
  • Hear the Sirens Scream
    Electric Wizard • Wizard Bloody Wizard
  • Seven Days
    Corrosion of Conformity • Deliverance
  • Tiger I
    Marduk • Viktoria
  • Awakening the Ancient Evil
    Funeral Dust • Covered in Drift
  • Sorgens Kammer Del II
    Dimmu Borgir • Stormblast (2005 version)
  • King of the Dark Ages
    Old Man's Child • Born of the Flickering
  • The Temple of Infernal Fire
    Goatkraft • Angel Slaughter
  • Attack the Enslaver
    Revenge • Triumph. Genocide. Antichrist
  • Omega Doom
    Limbonic Art • Spectre Abysm
  • Bound By the Code
    Bloodsport • Kumite Attack
  • Dune: Desert Theme
    Toto • Dune: The Motion Picture Soundtrack