Rage Cage – Episode December 2, 2022

Lots of new deadly tunes, including Undeath, RTS, Faceless Burial, and Fleshrot. Plus, Leather Leone proves there's no age limit to rockin' hard 'n' HEAVY! \m/


  • Head Splattered in Seven Ways
    Undeath • It's Time ... To Rise From the Grave
  • Sinful Messiah
    Tales Of The Tomb • Volume Two: Mendacium
  • Tomb of the Hungry Dead
    Facebreaker • Dedicated To The Flesh
  • From the Bastion to the Pit
    Faceless Burial • At the Foothills of Deliration
  • A Means to an End
    Napalm Death • The World Keeps Turning
  • Ripped To Shreds
    Terrorizer • World Downfall
  • Violent Compulsion For Conquest
    Ripped To Shreds • Jubian
  • Chawed, Mauled & Gnawed
    Bone Gnawer • Cannibal Crematorium
  • Devoured By Vermin (live)
    Cannibal Corpse • Vile (Expanded Edition)
  • No Headstone Unturned
    Exhumed • To The Dead
  • In Filth and Pain
    Fleshrot • Unburied Corpses
  • Bowels of Decrepitude
    Cerebral Rot • Excretion of Mortality
  • Pneuma Akathartos
    Corpsessed • Succumb To Rot
  • Mutilation Barbeque
    Mutilation Barbeque • Mutilation Barbeque
  • Immortal Mutilation
    Eschaton • Sentinel Apocalypse
  • Loud As Fuckin' Hell
    Concrete Funeral • Single
  • In the Minds of Evil
    Deicide • In the Minds of Evil
  • Evil Gods Havoc
    Krisiun • Ageless Venomous
  • Always Been Evil
    Leather • We Are the Chosen
  • Who Rules the World
    Leather • We Are the Chosen
  • Off With Your Head
    Leather • We Are the Chosen
  • Fighting To Stay Alive
    Chastain • Ruler of the Wasteland
  • Unleashing Hell
    Sword • III
  • Maniac (Michael Sembello cover)
    Firewind • The Premonition
  • What a Feeling (Irene Cara cover)
    Edge Of Forever • Another Paradise
  • Scars
    Avantasia, featuring Geoff Tate • A Paranormal Evening With the Moonflower Society
  • Lost in Sorrow
    Queensryche • Digital Noise Alliance
  • Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac cover)
    Mystic Shiver • Single
  • The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover)
    Kick Axe • Rock the World
  • Awake
    Osyron • Momentous
  • Last December
    Iced Earth • Burnt Offerings
  • Spun
    Marcher • Demo
  • Methulselah: Painted With Rust
    Murder of Titans • Single
  • Bad Touch (Bloodhound Gang cover)
    Powertron • Single
  • Mope
    Bloodhound Gang • Hurray For B**bies
  • Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover)
    Fozzy • Boombox
  • Mother I Love Satan
    Sick Thoughts • Heaven Is No Fun
  • Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
    The Misfits • The Misfits Box Set
  • Mother
    Danzig • Thrall-Demonsweatlive
  • War Nerve (live)
    Pantera • The Great Southern Trendkill (Anniversary Edition)
  • The Blood of Creation
    Iron Kingdom • The Blood of Creation