Rage Cage – Episode April 7, 2023

Every week's a program highlight for The Cage, and this week's no exception: loads of killer metal from Japan; tributes to the legends such as Deep Purple, Whitesnake, and Dio; Happy B-Day to Udo; New releases from Raven, Tygers, and a spotlight on new RAIDER! Rest in Power, Ryuichi Sakamoto, thanks for your incredible work.


  • Grant You Metal
    Hell Freezes Over • Hellraiser
  • Metal Never Betrays Us
    Phantom Excaliver • n/a
  • Beer! Metal! Sex!
    Abigail • Ultimate Unholy Death
  • Sexual Alcohol Metal
    Barbatos • Rockin' Metal Motherfucker
  • Dog Fight
    Kyoji Yamamoto • Horizon
  • Silver Lightning
    Bow Wow • Signal Fire
  • Turn On the Night
    Vow Wow, featuring Neil Murray • Vibe
  • Still Of The Night
    Whitesnake • Whitesnake
  • Dancing Girls
    Whitesnake • Saints and Sinners
  • Burn/Stormbringer (Deep Purple cover)
    Whitesnake • Good To Be Bad (Bonus Disc)
  • Lazy (Deep Purple cover)
    Murasaki • Murasaki
  • Doomsday
    Murasaki • Impact
  • Maybe I'm a Leo (Deep Purple cover)
    Paul Gilbert • Smoke On the Water: A Tribute
  • Speed King
    Deep Purple • In Rock
  • No Laughing in Heaven
    Gillan • Future Shock
  • Trashed
    Black Sabbath • Born Again
  • Zero the Hero (Black Sabbath cover)
    Cannibal Corpse • Hammer Smashed Face single
  • Breakin' Chains
    Silver Mountain • Breakin' Chains
  • Man On The Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover)
    Hammerfall • I Want Out
  • Rainbow in the Dark (Dio cover)
    Liliac • n/a
  • Holy Diver
    Dio • Evil or Divine: Live in New York City
  • Go For the Gold
    Raven • All Hell's Breaking Loose
  • Fire On the Horizon
    Tygers of Pan Tang • Bloodline
  • The Small Hours (live, 1981)
    Holocaust • Heavy Metal Mania: Complete Recordings 1980 - 1984, Vol.1
  • Love's Power
    Holocaust • Heavy Metal Mania EP
  • Juggernaut Cerebrivore
    Raider • Trial of Chaos
  • Fearless
    Raider • Trial of Chaos
  • Devour the Darkness
    Raider • Trial of Chaos
  • Go Back To Hell
    U.D.O. • Animal House
  • Balls To The Wall
    Accept • Balls To The Wall
  • Substitute (The Who cover)
    Saxon • More Inspirations
  • Hungry Years
    Saxon • Strong Arm of the Law
  • Denim and Leather
    Saxon • Live in Germany 1991
  • Power and Glory
    Saxon • Let Me Feel Your Power Live
  • Romancer
    Fate Gear, featuring Kokomi • n/a
  • Reason
    SYU, featuring Fuki • Vorvados
  • Zinger, Ringer, Gang, Love
    Fuki • Million Scarlets
  • Firecracker
    Yellow Magic Orchestra • Yellow Magic Orchestra
  • The Garden of Poppies
    Ryuichi Sakamoto • Hidari Ude No Yume