Rage Cage – Episode June 2, 2023

Death metal, black metal, glam, hard rock, sci-fi rock, humour metal, 80s movie soundtracks, anime themes, summer tunes, something for everybody!


  • These Violent Thrills
    Metal Church • Congregation of Annihilation
  • Each Dawn I Die
    Manowar • Gods of War Live
  • War God
    Grave Digger • Return of the Reaper
  • Euphoria
    Syu, featuring Dancho (NoGod) • Vorvados
  • Never Fade Away
    NoGod • Now Testament
  • Raise My Sword
    Galneryus • Under the Force of Courage
  • Night of the Priest
    Disciples of Power • Power Trap
  • Glocksucker
    PROHIBITOR • Glockdown
  • Takes Times
    Triumph • Rock 'n' Roll Machine
  • Take My Heart
    Foxy Venus • n/a
  • Burnin' Bridges
    Slaughter • Stick It To Ya
  • Naughty Naughty
    Vinnie Vincent Invasion • All Systems Go
  • Grave Sophia-Breath of the Night
    HERETIC CULT REDEEMER • Flagellum Universalis
  • Black Metal Terror
    Black Altar • Black Altar
  • Spurn All Gods
    Black Pestilence • Hail The Flesh
  • Atomic Assassins
    Deiquisitor • Apotheosis
  • Vaben Smurt I Dodes Blod
    Blodfest • Lejres Fald
  • Blood Ritual
    Blood Sacrifice • The Horned Goddess
  • The Divine Victim
    Witchfynde • Give 'Em Hell
  • Evil Seed
    Pentagram • Day of Reckoning
  • Reincarnation
    Pagan Altar • Judgement of the Dead
  • B.T.K.
    Church of Misery • Thy Kingdom Scum
  • Star Fleet
    Brian May and Friends • Star Fleet Project
  • Blues Breaker
    Brian May and Friends, featuring Eddie Van Halen • Star Fleet Project
  • One Vision
    Queen • Live Magic
  • Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins cover)
    Psychostick • Psychostick IV: Revenge of the Vengeance
  • Mighty Wings
    Cheap Trick • Top Guns Soundtrack
  • The Girl Gets Around
    Sammy Hagar • Footloose Soundtrack
  • You Can't Run From the Beast Inside You
    Autograph • Fright Night Soundtrack
  • Hippie Hippie Shake (Swinging Blue Jeans cover)
    Powertron • Tribute to the Snowflakes: Golden Oldies Edition
  • Lost in the Shadows
    Lou Gramm • Lost Boys Soundtrack
  • She's Too Tough
    Foreigner • Agent Provocateur
  • Summer Get Away
    Kyoji Sakamoto • Horizon
  • Summer Carnival
    Rie a.k.a. Suzaku • World Journey
  • Marine Blue Surf
    Muses • Muses
  • From the Edge (Demon Slayer ending theme, season 1)
    FictionJunction/Lisa • Demon Slayer Soundtrack
  • Tripping Haze Ceremony
    Night of the Damned • Volume IV