Rage Cage – Episode October 20, 2023

Program: Rage Cage

Length: 210 minutes

Pre-Funding Drive Party edition! This week, we warm-up to the biggest CJSW event of the year with cagefull of anthemic, heavy, hard-rockin' party tunes. The annual CJSW Funding Drive runs from Oct. 20 (9am) thru Oct 27 (6pm), one time of the year where we ask YOU, our faithful listeners, for your generous donations to keep the station going. You can donate online: www.cjsw.com, support your most ADVENTUROUS radio!


  • Children of the Night
    Whitesnake • Whitesnake
  • Rock Me
    Great White • Once Bitten
  • All You Need Is Rock and Roll
    White Lion • Pride
  • Rockin' Again
    Saxon • Innocence Is No Excuse
  • Denim and Leather
    Saxon • Denim and Leather
  • Rock the Nations
    Saxon • Rock the Nations
  • I've Got To Rock to Stay Alive
    Saxon • The Inner Sanctum
  • Power of the Night
    Savatage • Power of the Night
  • Raise Your Fist in the Air
    Doro • Raise Your Fist
  • All We Are
    Warlock • Triumph and Agony
  • All Night
    Warlock • Hellbound
  • Kill With Power (Manowar cover)
    Arch Enemy • Dead Eye See No Future
  • Fight Until We Die
    Manowar • Warriors of the World
  • Metal Warriors
    Manowar • The Triumph of Steel
  • Gloves of Metal
    Manowar • Into the Glory Ride
  • Old Skool Metal Dayz
    Pegazus, featuring Ross the Boss, Jeff Watson • In Metal We Trust
  • This Boy Needs To Rock
    Night Ranger • 7 Wishes
  • Turn Up the Radio
    Autograph • Sign In Please
  • Bedside Radio
    Krokus • Metal Rendez-vous
  • Ready To Burn
    Krokus, featuring Rob Halford • Headhunter
  • Wild Night, Hot & Crazy Days
    Judas Priest • Turbo
  • Rock Hard Ride Free (live)
    Judas Priest • Defenders of the Faith: Anniversary Edition
  • Live Free or Die
    White Wizzard • Over The Top
  • Heavier Than Metal
    Skull Fist • Paid In Full
  • High Speed Metal
    Vulture • n/a
  • High Speed Metal
    Razor • Malicious Intent
  • In the Realm of Heavy Metal
    Iron Savior • Firestar
  • Heavy Metal Never Dies
    Iron Savior • The Landing
  • The Book of Heavy Metal
    Dream Evil • The Book of Heavy Metal
  • Bang Your Head
    Dream Evil • In the Night
  • Headbanging Man
    Grave Digger • Exhumation: The Early Years
  • Ten Commandments of Metal
    Grave Digger • Healed By Metal
  • To The Metal
    Gamma Ray • To The Metal
  • Heavy Metal is the Law
    Helloween • Wall of Jericho
  • Bonded By Blood
    Exodus • Bonded By Blood
  • The Art of a Maniac
    Tymo • The Art of a Maniac
  • Metal Militia
    Metallica • Kill 'Em All
  • Into the Pit
    Testament • The New Order
  • Phantom of the Opera
    Iron Maiden • Iron Maiden