Rage Cage – Episode March 15, 2024

Program: Rage Cage

Length: 210 minutes

To those listening to this on CJSW APP: in case you're thinking of skipping to the second-half of the show because of more familiar names (and of course, the new Priest and Bruce Dickinson!), don't. Have patience, check out some unknowns, you're missing out on LOT if you're not checking them out!


  • Brawl At The Pub
    Striker • ULTRAPOWER
  • Beerless Fiesta (Wham "cover")
    Insanity Alert • Moshemia Rhapsody
  • Beers Night
    Liquor Store • Alkonaut
  • Distractions
    Deathknell • Taste the Bitter End of a Once Brilliant Dream
  • Speed Thrash Black Death
    The Cadavor Dog • Tear Your Peace To Pieces
  • Lightning Strikes Again
    Thor • Unchained
  • Let It End
    Dead Quiet • Dead Quiet
  • New Expectations
    Owls and Eagles • Patience Vol.1
  • Fuck Your Face
    Citizen Rage • Harsh Reality
  • WzDm
    Father Moon • 2
  • Cloudeater
    Iron Tusk • Iron Tusk III
  • Turn To Smoke
    Prisoner • Prisoner
  • Premonition
    Empress • Premonition
  • Firewoman
    The Cult • Sonic Temple
  • Victim of a Broken Heart
    Aldo Nova • Subject ... Aldo Nova
  • It's Over Now
    Honeymoon Suite • Racing After Midnight
  • Green Face
    Iced Earth • The Glorious Burden
  • Scream Machine
    Beyond Fear • Beyond Fear
  • Wash Away Your Sins
    KK's Priest • The Sinner Rides Again
  • Steeler
    Winter's Bane • Hell Bent For Metal: Tribute To Judas Priest
  • Delivering the Goods
    Dissaray • Hell Bent For Metal 2: Tribute To Judas Priest
  • Love Bites
    Nevermore • A Tribute To Judas Priest: Legends of Metal
  • Freewheel Burning (Judas Priest cover)
    Fozzy • Happenstance
  • Running Wild (Judas Priest cover)
    Huntress • Starbound Beast
  • Giants in the Sky
    Judas Priest • Invincible Shield
  • Fight Of Your Life
    Judas Priest • Invincible Shield
  • Fight For Your Life
    Judas Priest • Killing Machine
  • Fire Burns Below
    Judas Priest • Stained Class
  • The One You Love To Hate
    Halford, featuring Bruce Dickinson • Resurrection
  • Sonata: Immortal Beloved
    Bruce Dickinson • The Mandrake Project
  • Eternity Has Failed
    Bruce Dickinson, featuring Gus G • The Mandrake Project
  • If Eternity Should Fail
    Iron Maiden • The Book of Souls
  • Tears in Rain
    Blaze Bayley • Circle of Stone
  • Tears in the Rain
    Triumph • The Sport of Kings
  • Freebird
    Lynyrd Skynyrd • Live From Jacksonville at the Florida Theatre
  • Through My Last Irreversible Respiration
    Amorphous Dominion • A Blaze In The Eastern Sky