Rage Cage – Episode March 29, 2024

Program: Rage Cage

Length: 210 minutes

Here I am: another year older, a bit crankier and grumpier, perhaps? Hey, it's the result of everything you experience (and learn) in life. But, you're NEVER TOO OLD to rock, never too old to RAGE!


  • Art of Sin
    Rotting Christ • Khronos
  • Heaven and Hell and Fire
    Rotting Christ • The Heretics
  • Helios Hyperion
    Rotting Christ • Theogonia
  • Obscure Awakenings
    King's Rot • At the Gates of Adversarial Darkness
  • In My Dreams of Darkness
    King's Rot • The Shadow of the Accursed
  • Evil Arises
    King's Rot • In the Land of Mordor
  • Obsession By Evil Force
    Krisiun • Black Force Domain
  • Golgatha
    Incantation • Onward To Golgatha
  • Burn With Jesus
    Immolation • Here In After
  • Death To Jesus
    Deicide • The Stench of Redemption Burning
  • Kill the Light of Christ
    Deicide • In the Minds of Evil
  • Crucifixation
    Deicide • Deicide
  • Crucified Soul of Salvation
    Deicide • Overtures of Blasphemy
  • Bury the Cross ... With Your Christ
    Deicide • Banished By Sin
  • Hammer Down the Nails
    Vital Remains • Icons of Evil
  • Angels of Blasphemy
    Vital Remains • Into Cold Darkness
  • Of Pure Unholiness
    Vital Remains • Let Us Pray
  • Godless Deceiver
    Cryptopsy • As Gomorrah Burns
  • Cleansing the Hosts
    Cryptopsy • Cryptopsy
  • Crown of Horns
    Cryptopsy • None So Vile
  • The Pestilence That Walketh in Darkness
    Cryptopsy • Once Was Not
  • The Wizard of Evil
    Master • Saints Dispelled
  • Crucifixion
    Hellhammer • Death Fiend
  • Nemesis
    Celtic Frost • Vanity/Nemesis
  • Fallen Angel
    Possessed • Seven Churches
  • The Gates of Hell/Headless Cross
    Black Sabbath • Headless Cross
  • Anno Mundi
    Black Sabbath • Tyr
  • Evil Eye
    Black Sabbath • Cross Purposes
  • No Stranger To Love
    Black Sabbath • Seventh Star
  • Devil in Disguise
    Judas Priest • Invincible Shield
  • Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (live, May 5, 1984)
    Judas Priest • Defenders of the Faith: 30th Anniversary Edition
  • You've Got Another thing Coming (live, May 5, 1984)
    Judas Priest • Defenders of the Faith: 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Night Comes Down
    Judas Priest • Defenders of the Faith
  • Out of the Night
    Great White • Great White
  • In the Middle
    Dokken • Breaking the Chains
  • Don't Close Your Eyes
    Dokken • Tooth and Nail
  • Lightnin' Strikes Again
    Dokken • Under Lock and Key
  • Kiss of Death
    Dokken • Back For the Attack
  • Elena
    Father Moon • Resurgence