Rage Cage – Episode May 31, 2024

Program: Rage Cage

Length: 210 minutes

On this last day of May, a.k.a. Mental Health Awareness Month, I'd like to think that my show's helping somebody out there, someone who might be struggling. It is my hope that my show's making them forget about their struggles, even if it's just for few minutes. For the last 5-7 years, I haven't been in the great place either, and it's much harder if you don't have a family anymore. Every day, I just take it in, and deal with it the best I can, on my own. If you know someone who might be fighting their own battle, take the time to make them feel loved. Little goes a long way. Cheers.


  • Show No Mercy
    W.A.S.P. • Animal: Fuck Like a Beast (B-Side)
  • Show No Mercy
    Slayer • Show No Mercy
  • Rage
    Kerry King, featuring Mark Osgueda • From Hell I Arise
  • The Devil Incarnate (Live @ Rock Hard 2007)
    Death Angel • Sonic German Beatdown
  • Stay Hungry
    Twisted Sister • Stay Hungry
  • For The Love of Metal
    Dee Snider • For the Love of Metal
  • Destroyer
    Anthrax • Twisted Forever: Tributes To Twisted Sister
  • Last Train Home
    Armored Saint • Symbol of Salvation Live
  • From the Past Comes the Storms
    Cavalera • Schizophrenia
  • They Call Me Death
    Krisiun • Bloodshed
  • Area 51
    Torture Squad • The Unholy Spell
  • Hangar 18
    Megadeth • Rust In Peace
  • Return To Hangar
    Megadeth • World Needs a Hero
  • Planets On Fire
    Megadeth, featuring Sammy Hagar • The Sick, The Dying, and the Dead!
  • A.F.U.: Naturally Wired
    Van Halen • OU812
  • Drop Dead Legs
    Van Halen • 1984
  • Elephant Gun
    David Lee Roth • Eat 'Em and Smile
  • Into Bondage Born
    NECHT • The Prophecy of Karnifor
  • Year of the Goat
    Exhorder • Defectum Omnium
  • Demon Prince (2024 Remix)
    Kreator • Hordes of Chaos
  • Blue Murder
    Blue Murder • Blue Murder
  • Cold Sweat
    Thin Lizzy • Thunder and Lightning
  • Down and Out
    Tygers of Pan Tang • Crazy Nights
  • Still of the Night
    Whitesnake • Whitesnake
  • Give Me More Time (US version)
    Whitesnake • Slide It In
  • Burn/Stormbringer
    Whitesnake • Good To Be Bad (Bonus Disc)
  • Best Years
    Whitesnake • Good To Be Bad
  • Phobia
    Septimus • Ribcracker
  • Gone
    Boneyard • Oathbreaker
  • Feel the Fire
    Helix • Walkin' the Razor's Edge
  • Cool Down
    Triumph • Thunder Seven
  • The Movie
    Aerosmith • Permanent Vacation
  • Magic Touch
    Aerosmith • Permanent Vacation
  • F.I.N.E.
    Aerosmith • Pump
  • Late Night Street Fight
    Blue Oyster Cult • Ghost Stories
  • Tellin' Me Lies
    April Wine • Nature of the Beast
  • Do You Know What I Mean
    Myles Goodwyn, featuring Lee Aaron • Myles Goodwyn
  • Hands Are Tied
    Lee Aaron • Lee Aaron
  • Love Don't Last Forever
    Chrissy Steele • Magnet To Steel
  • Riptide - Reprise
    Robert Palmer • Riptide
  • Get It On, Bang a Gong
    The Power Station • The Power Station