Rage Cage – Episode June 28, 2024

Program: Rage Cage

Length: 210 minutes

Loads of great Canadian metal and hard rock (past and present) to kick off your long weekend! Plus, yours truly reminisces about the old days of Calgary. So, if you lived here for 40+ years, a bonus for you Lots of great memories shared and relived!


  • Flatline
    Thorazine • Seed the Black Sky
  • Psycles
    Culled • Single
  • Crisis
    Disciples of Power • Power Trap
  • Ultraman
    Voivod • Ultraman
  • Tribal Convictions
    Voivod • Dimensions Hatross
  • Killing Technology
    Voivod • Killing Technology
  • Fubar is a Super Rocker
    Thor • Triumphant
  • Rock You (Helix cover)
    Sum 41 • FUBAR Soundtrack
  • Dirty Dog
    Helix • No Rest For the Wicked
  • Running Wild in the 20th Century
    Helix • Back For Another Taste
  • Helluvatime
    Slik Toxik • Doin' the Nasty
  • Under the Influence
    Sven Gali • Sven Gali
  • Stoned Again
    Sword • Sword
  • We Came To Rock
    Brighton Rock • Young, Wild and Free
  • One More Try
    Brighton Rock • Take a Deep Breath
  • Licensed To Love
    Andy Curran • Andy Curran
  • Shake It
    Coney Hatch • Outta Hand
  • No Sleep Tonight
    Coney Hatch • Coney Hatch
  • This Ain't Love
    Coney Hatch • Friction
  • Wrong Side of Town
    Coney Hatch • Postcard From Germany Live
  • All Night
    Big House • Big House
  • L.A.
    Big House • Big House
  • Breaking All the Rules
    Smash L.A. • Law and Authority
  • Give It Up or Give It All
    Unleash the Archers • Phantoma
  • All Night Long
    Aldo Nova • Subject...Aldo Nova
  • Fantasy
    Aldo Nova • Aldo Nova
  • Rock the World
    Kick Axe • Rock the World
  • Too Loud ... Too Old
    kick Axe • Welcome To The Club
  • On the Road To Rock
    Kick Axe • Vices
  • Let Them Bleed
    Dead Salvation • Death is an Artform
  • Purified
    Our Last Crusade • Death Wins
  • Heavy Metal Maniac
    Exciter • Heavy Metal Maniac
  • Big City Girls
    April Wine • Nature of the Beast
  • Still Gotta Thing For You
    Lee Aaron • Body Rock
  • Runnin' From the Fire
    Lee Aaron • Call of the Wild
  • Metal Queen
    Lee Aaron • Power, Soul, Rock 'n' Roll: Live in Germany
  • Watcha Do To My Body
    Lee Aaron • Power, Soul, Rock 'n' Roll: Live in Germany
  • Watcha Gonna Do
    Chilliwack • Opus X
  • Celebration
    Headpins • Line of Fire
  • Tom Sawyer
    Rush • Moving Pictures
  • Battle Scar
    Max Webster, featuring Geddy Lee • Universal Juveniles
  • Never Give Up
    Boulevard • Blvd.