Rave Dad’s Diary – Episode March 10, 2021

60 minutes

Welcome to Episode 14 of Rave Dad's Diary. On today's show, I speak with Alain Mongeau, founder and current managing and artistic director of MUTEK. We're talking about HYBRID- Cutting Edge Canada, a digital festival taking place from March 11 to 14, 2021. It's free and it's going to be AMAZING. Learn more about the program and register now via virtual.mutek.org. Also on today's program, I catch up with one of the artists presenting at the HYBRID event. Priori is a Montreal-based producer and we'll hear a portion of his exceptional live performance from MUTEK Montreal 2019.


  • Shape of It
    Ouri • Shape of It
  • SCN 2
    Priori • SCN EP
  • JL (Priori Sharp Tool)
    Priori, Al Wooton • JL
  • RED 3
    Priori • RED
  • Swarm
    Ntel • Swarm
  • Swarm (Scanner Mix)
    Ntel • Swarm