Rave Dad’s Diary – Episode March 24, 2021

60 minutes

Recently I was talking to a friend and they told me they were dating a secret DJ. I laughed because I knew exactly what they were talking about. Some of the biggest heads I know in the dance music scene and many of the best DJs and producers are very low key and they hold down careers in completely different fields. In episode 10 of Rave Dad's Diary I spoke to DJs who were pivoting into different careers because of the pandemic. On today's episode I'm exploring the opposite. I'm talking to Joanna Majik, a Calgary based entrepreneur and DJ with a passion for music, marketing and movement. Live music and fitness classes were hit hard by the pandemic, but Joanna figures now is the right time to launch a DJ career. I'll talk to Joanna about what lead to that decision. But first I'm talking to Andrew Burdall aka Burdy. He's a Calgary-based producer and DJ originally from the UK and he's returning to dance music after a long hiatus.


  • Orchestral Lab
    Guido • Anidea
  • Satelite 47
    Burdy • Satellite
  • Who's Your Babi?
    Joanna Magik • Who's Your Babi?