Rave Dad’s Diary – Episode March 30, 2022

Program: Rave Dad’s Diary

Length: 60 minutes

Tune in to hear my interview with Samito from the duo SPRLUA. SPRLUA is a Portuguese phrase that roughly translates to English to "Super Blood Wolf Moon" - a rare lunar eclipse that takes place in the middle of winter. The name symbolizes the chance meeting of the artists - Samito, a beatmaker and vocalist from Mozambique and Montreal beatsmith, Haig V. Learn more: https://www.sprlua.co/


    SPRLUA • Magnum Dopus
  • Assassinato
    SPRLUA • Magnum Dopus
  • eBoy
    SPRLUA • Magnum Dopus
  • Sunni Girl
    SPRLUA • Magnum Dopus
  • Show Me
    Maylee Todd • Maloo