Rave Dad’s Diary – Podcast October 17, 2020

Program: Rave Dad’s Diary

Length: 120 minutes

Rave Dad Diary Pilot Episode: In hour 1, I talk to the friends that sparked my love of dance music and we go in the mix with Titus1.

In Hour 2, I talk to Public Disco founder, Nicholas Collinet about connecting with audiences during a pandemic, and Jonathan Crane, the host of Thriller Bark on CJSW puts on an electro clinic. Timestamps:
3:05 – “A Trip back to 2005…”
7:48 – Interview with Titus1
17:05 – Titus1 mix “The Grind” recorded in 2006
1:01:25 Rave Slang
1:02:45 Interview with Public Disco’s Nickolas Collinet
1:14:35 Interview with Jonathan Crane
1:19:10 Jonathan Crane’s Electro Mix
1:58:37 Credits