Recordings from the 2022 Siksika Health Fair – Episode August 20, 2022

Program: Recordings from the 2022 Siksika Health Fair

Length: 30 minutes

Episode 3: Waneek Horn Miller

This episode features guest keynote speaker Waneek Horn Miller, a Mohawk Olympian, commentator, activist, and motivational speaker. Throughout her discourse, Waneek discusses how her mother's strong influence (Kahn Tineta Horn) helped shape Waneek into the strong and independent woman she is today. Waneek also delves into the OKA crisis and how that impacted her and those within her community. She uses this story to illustrate how she was able to be greater than her adversity. My segments deal with providing more information about Waneek, her mother Kahn Tineta Horn, the OKA Crisis, and further on the achievements Waneek has accomplished outside of professional sports.