Rock Bottom – Episode October 31, 2017

EPISODE 34: The Halloween Edition! Lauz rips through the spooky, creepy and heavy! Listen... if you dare!


  • Reach for the Heavens
    Little V • Side Quest
  • Halloween
    Helloween • Keeper of the Seven Keys
  • Trick or Treat
    Fastway • Trick or Treat
  • Wild Child
    W.A.S.P. • The Last Command
  • The Black Widow
    Alice Cooper • Welcome to My Nightmare
  • Momento
    Intervals • In Time
  • Christian Woman
    Type O Negative • Bloody Kisses
  • Nick the Stripper
    The Birthday Party • Prayers on Fire
  • Dead Skin Mask
    Slayer • Seasons in the Abyss
  • Black Funeral
    Mercyful Fate • Melissa
  • Lightning Lotus
    Little V • Side Quest
  • Birthday Dethday
    Dethklok • The Dethalbum I
  • O Father! O Satan! O Sun!
    Behemoth • The Satanist
  • Subtle Knives
    Hammerdrone • Clone of Europa
  • Hammer Down the Nails
    Vital Remains • Icons of Evil
  • Haga doesn't Marta
    NOK NOVUM • Nok Novum
  • The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
    Cradle of Filth • The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
  • Reich of Evil
    Vile Insignia • Bestial Invocation
  • The Rite of Infernal Invocation
    Gorgoroth • Under the Sign of Hell
  • Må Du Brænde I Helvede
    MYRKUR • Myrkur
  • Killer Instinct
    Little V • Epic Metal Covers Vol I
  • Of Horror, And the Black Shawls
    Anaal Nathrakh • The Whole of the Law
  • Bottomfeeder
    Neck of the Woods • The Passenger
  • Hansel Unt Gretel
    Slagmaur • Thrill Smitts Terror
  • Shiver
    Ides Of Winter • Minus Twenty Degrees
  • The Most Common Threat is Danger
    Truck • Post Music
  • The Dark Age of Militant Paganism
    Panzerfaust • The Dark Age of Militant Paganism
  • Enslaved Possession
    Vile Insignia • Bestial Invocation