Rock Bottom – Episode November 13, 2018

Episode #88: MISSION REMISSION! A Cancer Benefit happening Saturday Dec 8th, w Woodhawk, From the Flame, and Denimachine @SAIT/The Gateway!


  • Reach for the Heavens (ROCK BOTTOM Theme)
    Little V • Side Quest
  • Wing of The Crow
    Red Cain • Wing of The Crow (single) feat. Kobra Paige
  • Someone With Me
    Atria • New World Nightmare (EP)
  • We Are One
    The Castor Troys • Legends Never Die (EP)
  • Living In The Sand
    Woodhawk • Beyond The Sun
  • A New Hope
    Woodhawk • Beyond The Sun
  • Don't Wake The Witch
    Woodhawk • Woodhawk
  • Blue Line
    From The Flame • Single
  • Ashes
    From The Flame • Single
  • Trafficked
    From The Flame • Single
  • The Betrayer
    Rapheumets Well • The Elder's Anthology
    Burning Effigy • LOST SERENITY EP
  • GibGib
    Last Scattering • Eidolon
  • Coming Back To Life
    Fractal Cypher • Prelude To An Impending Outcome