Rock Bottom – Episode May 26, 2020

120 minutes

Some heavy, hardcore, metalcore, post-hardcore and some death doom just to keep things interesting! With love from Lauz <3


  • Sleeping at the Switch
    Ghosts of Modern Man • City of No Light
  • A Single Tear
    Converge • The Dusk in Us
  • Clsr.
    Ithaca • Single
  • How Do We Stop It?
    Svalbard • It's Hard to Have Hope
  • Smoke 'Em if Ya Got 'Em
    Parkway Drive • Don't Close Your Eyes
  • Hail Destroyer
    Cancer Bats • Hail Destroyer
  • Death Certificate for a Beauty Queen
    I Killed The Prom Queen • When Goodbye Means Forever
  • Tear You Down
    Day of Contempt • See Through the Lies
  • Revolt
    Madball • Infiltrate the System
  • Overcome
    Terror • One with the Underdogs
  • The Divinity of Purpose
    Hatebreed • The Divinity of Purpose
  • Urban Discipline
    Biohazard • Urban Discipline
  • Hellbringer
    Get the Shot • Infinite Punishment
  • A Trigger full of Promises
    Walls of Jericho • With Devils Amongst Us
  • Self Inflicted Violence
    Venom Prison • Samsara
  • You Who Has Never Slept
    Vile Creature • Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm!
  • Bridge
    Konvent • Puritan Masochism
  • Servant of Sorrow
    Swallow The Sun • New Moon
  • The Illusion of Peace
    Crave Death • The Illusion of Peace
  • Dead Inside
    All For Nothing • Minds Awake/Hearts Alive
  • Needles in Your Skin
    Oathbreaker • Rheia
  • Memphis Will Be Laid To Rest
    Norma Jean • Bless the Martyr
  • Skin of a Redneck
    Dead Cross • Dead Cross - EP
  • Let's Not Keep In Touch
    Retox • Beneath California
  • Dying to Hit
    Cunts • Cunts