Shakespeare Wore Plaid – Episode May 24, 2017

A special show fill from the hosts of The Lost World and Days of Future Thrash. Post-rock, post-metal, and a healthy dose of Tolkien lore!


  • Son of Cessiphus
    Ghost Against Ghost • Still Love
  • Mladic
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor • Allelujah! Don't Bend Ascend
  • Vision III: A Monument
    Anomalie • Visions
  • The Magician
    OHHMS • The Fool
  • Two Urns
    Windhand • Grief's Infernal Flower
  • The Mystic Forest
    Hermdor • The Howling Mountains
  • Devour
    Numenorean • Home
  • Autre temps
    Alcest • Les voyages de l'ame
  • Spirit of the North
    Eldamar • The Force of the Ancient Land
  • Shoreless
    Numenorean • Home