Shakespeare Wore Plaid – Episode December 6, 2017


  • Horchata
    Vampire Weekend • Contra
  • That's Wild About Jack
    U-Men • U-Men
  • Pains Of Being Pure
    The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart • The Echo of Pleasure
  • The Australian
    Guantanamo Baywatch • Desert Center
  • Feeling Better Pilgrim
    Jay Bartell • In A Time of Trouble A Wild Exultation
  • Hot Chocolate
    Tom Hanks • Polar Express Soundtrack
  • They Were Asking Me About You
    Eargoggle • The Beautiful Creatures Really Are So Cruel
  • Mercury In Retrograde
    Joel Gion • Joel Gion
  • How To Disappear Completely
    Ane Brun • Leave Me Breathless
  • Santa's In The Closet
    Ariel Pink • Dedicated To Bobby Jameson
  • Friends With The Enemy
    Vanta • Vanta II
  • Video Game Music
    Mo Kenney • The Details
  • ABC Blues
    Little Miss Higgins • My Home, My Heart
  • Christmas With Bruce And Bob
    Vern Nicholson • Linden Tree Near the Water
  • Not Punk
    Sure • Positive Mental Energy
  • Messy Love
    Mura Masa • Mura Masa
  • Done All Wrong
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club • The New Moon Soundtrack
  • Poetry Of Intuition
    Maylee Todd • Acts of Love
  • The Most Dangerous Thing About You
    Weather Station • The Weather Station
  • Rough Love
    Wine Soaked Preachers • Tales of Western Noir / Same Old Town
  • Seven Things You Can Never Say On Television
    George Carlin • Class Clown
  • These Boots Were Made For Walking
    Family Of God • Playing God Soundtrack
  • 7th Floor
    Yoko Ono & The Plastic One • Take Me To The Land Of Hell
  • Death By Ninja ( A Love Song)
    Woodpigeon • Songbook
  • The New Year Party
    Kele Okereke • Fatherland
  • Hannah And Gabi
    Evan Dando • B Side To Baby I'm Bored
  • Lady Macbeth & Miss Havisham
    Hiccup • Imaginary Enemies
  • California Hippie Murderers!
    Red River Dave • Halloween Playlist
  • Surfing On Mind Wave Pt 2
    Cornelius • Mellow Waves
  • I'm Done Waiting
    Slow Dancer • In A Mood
  • We Call It Love
    Stars • There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light
  • P.S.
    Mauno • Tuning