Shakespeare Wore Plaid – Episode December 27, 2017


  • Take Out The Trash
    They Might Be Giants • The Else
  • Fresh Hell
    Black Mekon • One in the Hate
  • Get Away
    Birds • Everything All At Once
  • Flathead
    The Fratellis • Chelsea Dagger
  • The Pack A.D.
    Pack A.D. • Dollhouse
  • Rough Love
    Wine Soaked Preachers • Tales of Western Noir / Same Old Town
  • Everybody Knows
    Leonard Cohen • The Essential Leonard Cohen
  • Your Silence Says It All
    Lisa Anderson • A Hundred Lives
  • Just Kidding
    Blush • Blush
  • Nothing's What It Seems
    Nightshades • Nightshades
  • That 70's Lifetime
    Vern Nicholson • Linden Tree Near the Water
  • God's Gonna Cut You Down
    Johnny Cash • American V: A Hundred Highways
  • Can't Erase
    Fake Palms • Pure Mind
  • I Don't Sleep, I Drink Coffee Instead
    Brenda Kahn • Epiphany in Brooklyn
  • Teenage Grownups
    Lovely Bad Things • Teenage Grown Ups
  • Midnight
    Spud Cannon • Next Time Read the Fine Print
  • Love Like Lobotomy
    Death Kart • Structure
  • I'll Hate You Better
    Suicidal Tendencies • The Art of Rebellion
  • Chocolate Church
    Shrouded Amps • Come Along to the Chocolate Church
  • Dancing Chair
    Fresh & Onlys • Wolf Lie Down
  • Love
    Moon Eyed • Haleiwa
  • If You Ain't Got No Bread (You Might As Well Stay Home In Bed)
    Billy Hamlin • Jukebox Jam!
  • Black Sea
    Cotillon • The Afternoons
  • Hot Mamma
    Brother Woodsman Combo & The Chanters, featuring Ethel Brown • Hot Mamma Vibes
  • Alone, Into An Empty Clearing
    Death Bells • Standing at the Edge of the World
  • This Country
    Fever Ray • Plunge
  • If You Don't Love Me
    Prefab Sprout • If You Don't Love Me
  • Trip Through Your Wires
    U2 • Joshua Tree
  • What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
    Zooey Deschanel & Joseph Gordon Levitt • Hello Giggles