Shakespeare Wore Plaid – Episode February 21, 2018


  • It Doesn't Really Matter
    Platinum Blonde • Seven Year Itch
  • Heard You're Moving
    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever • Talk Tight
  • A Plague On All Our Boys
    Belle and Sebastian • How to Solve Our Human Problems
  • Car Trouble
    All Girl Summer Fun Band • All Girl Summer Fun Band
  • An Insult To The Fact Checkers
    They Might Be Giants • I Like Fun
  • Love Strikes
    Shannon & The Clams • Onion
  • Revealed
    Wet Hair • The Floating World
  • We Are Groot
    Various, Uniola • Tiny Engines 2017 Label Sampler
  • Van Rosita
    Otis the Destroyer • Keep Bashing
  • We Go
    Laila Biali • Laila Biali
  • Exile In Suburbia
    Brood • Transistor
  • Movin' And Groovin'
    Sam Cooke • Twisting The Night Away
  • Alberta Girls
    Galacticas • Diagnostics
  • The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
    Massive Attack, featuring Tracey Thorn • Batman Forever Soundtrack
  • Strange Imagination
    Flowshine • Gets Me Going
  • Where Did You Go
    Blve Hills • I Scream Love
  • Not Your Type
    Worriers • Survival Pop
  • Man Of One Of My Dreams
    Bridal Party • Negative Space
  • That's Not How I Remember It
    Nick Ferrio • Soothsayer
  • A Place Called Home
    PJ Harvey • Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea
  • Nice Houses
    Marshall Birch + Some Buddies • Dog Daddy Yeah
  • The House I Grew Up In
    Raj and the 100's • One of the Oldest Men Who Ever Lived
  • Bad Days
    The Flaming Lips • Due To High Expectations
  • Here Comes Your Man
    The Pixies • Doolittle
  • Dangerous Game
    Achromatics • Give Me That Beat
  • Feb Love
    Standish/Carlyon • Deleted Scenes
  • Love Stinks
    J. Geils Band • The Best Of J. Geils Band
  • Stars And Stripes
    Star Sailor • All In The Name