Simpson’s Diversity Index – Episode December 16, 2021

Program: Simpson’s Diversity Index

Length: 210 minutes

After a week of staff and holiday parties, Shawn's voice is burnt out and needs some RnR; so today will be more rock than talk. We'll start the class with some MadLibs, movin and groovin with 1980 jams, get a bit crazy with some Arabic funk, and end it off with some RnB jams. Also, today will be a special episode with a pas de chat album being played; super-rare Japanese album. Join the ecosystem @simpson_index on Twitter


  • Crime Pays
    Freddie Gibbs & Madlib • Bandana
  • Circles
    Ivan Ave • Helping Hands
  • Plasma Avenue
    Five Deez • Plasma Avenue
  • Distant Worlds
    Marcus D • Melancholy Hopeful
  • I Wanna Kno
    2 Mello • Sounds Of Tokyo​-​To Future
  • I don't ( maths time joy & LOXE remix)
    KALLITECHNIS • Blends vol. II
  • CCSG • Cancer Szn.
    KALLITECHNIS • blends vol. II
  • I spoke too soon
    Deezed Man Collective • After the Magic
  • Tokyo Family Restaurant
    Hoon • Freeway
  • Seasons
    Deezed Man Collective • After the Magic
  • Gum
    hoon • GUM EP
  • TIME
    Lesamauri • Soul Speak
  • Next To You
    Sam Evian • You, Forever
  • Pillars
    Great Gable • Lazy Bones Tapes
  • Punga
    Great Gable • GG
  • You And Me Tonight ( midnight remix)
    Aurra • You And Me Tonight