Soul Brazil – Podcast August 7, 2019

Program: Soul Brazil

Length: 1 minutes

The experimentation with jazz sounds in Brazil date back from the 50’s achieving a considerable popularity worldwide since the 60’s when the guitarist Charlie Byrd was sent to Brazil in diplomatic visit organized by the US government. Amazed with the jazz sophistication and originality of “Bossa Nova” he introduced these styles to the sax player Stan Getz who recorded later the album “Jazz Samba” rising a global awareness of the Brazilian sounds . The uniqueness of Brazilian jazz is easily spotted not only for its musical quality but for that exceptional flavor that samba adds to everything it touches”.

Track List:

Milton Banana Trio- São Salvador

Milton Banana Trio – Cidade vazia

Rio 65 Trio – Meu fraco é café forte

Sambrassa Trio – Nem o mar sabía

Antonio Carlos Jobim / Stan Getz – Girl of Ipanema

Tamba Trio – Ou bola ou bolica

Tania Maria – Pingas da vida

Hermeto Pascoal – Open Field.

Hermeto Pascoal. Suit Norte, Sur, Leste, Oeste.