Sound of Campus – Episode September 26, 2019

Program: Sound of Campus

Length: 30 minutes

Boppin' to soft pop punk and spilling coffee on myself.


  • Best Case Life
    Gemini Rising • Best Case Life
  • Good Luck Kid
    Joseph • Good Luck, Kid
  • Labyrinth
    Surf Curse • Heaven Surrounds You
  • Oblivion 666
    Dadweed • Mighty, Always
  • What I Always Do
    Gratuitous Platypus • I Don't Really Like Getting Out of Bed
  • Alberta Girls, Sci-Fi and Rock n' Roll
    The Galacticas • Diagnostics
  • Don't Die Until You're Dead
    Punch Drunk Cabaret • This is a Disturbance
  • Simplify
    Young the Giant • Simplify
  • First Date
    Ninja Sex Party • Cool Patrol