South Louisiana Gumbo – Episode April 16, 2018


  • Ti-Paul aime a Jos Chomage
    Donat LaCroix, Eme LaCroix • Sur la Chemin des Acadiens
  • Big Texas
    Cajun Playboys • n
  • Going back to Big Mamou
    Fernest Arceneaux • n a
  • Eggs over Easy
    Tank and the Bangas • n a
  • Son of a Beach
    New Groovement • Tired of Waiting...
  • Stock Yards Strut
    Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cadinals • n a
  • Bunk's Blues
    Big Eye Louis Nelson DeLisle • n a
  • He Knows His Way Around
    Lil Queenie • Purple Hart
  • Out of Mind
    Todd Stewart • Everything You Want
  • A Day in the Life
    River Road • n a
  • Thank God she left the Whisky
    Chris Cagle • n a
  • My True Lfe
    Leroy Washington • n a
  • If I Don't See you
    Elton Anderson • n a
  • Say you Remember
    Good Rockin' Bob • n a
  • La Falaise Rouge
    MAZ • ID