South Louisiana Gumbo – Episode July 6, 2020

60 minutes


  • Orange Blossom Special
    Brian Sklar and the Sons of the Golden West • Captain Canada
  • East Bound and Down
    Jerry Reed • Smokey and the Bandit
  • How To CB - Truck Drivers Guide Introduction
    Various Artists • How To CB
  • Truck Driving Woman
    Norma Jean • Keep On Truckin'
  • Gear Jammer
    Jimmy Logsdon • Truck Driver Songs
  • Somebody Stole My Rig
    Shel Silverstein • Keep On Truckin'
  • A Green Truck Driver's First Experience With Radar
    Coleman Wilson • Truck Driver Songs
  • The Handles Hall of Fame
    Johnny Hemphill • All Ears
  • Six Days on the Road
    Dick Nolan • Truck Driving Man
  • Listenin' CB Blues
    Mac Wiseman • All Ears
  • I'm A Truck
    Red Simpson • Put the Hammer Down
  • Caffein, Nicotine, Benzedrine
    Nat Stuckey • Keep On Truckin'
  • The Good The Bad The Ugly
    Hugo Montenegro • Ennio Morricone Soundtracks
  • The Pony Song
    Amy Nelson • Live on Tombstone Afterdark CJSW