Speakeasy – Episode September 24, 2017

It's Calgary International Film Festival time! This show is devoted to sharing tracks that are inspired by selections from the festival.


  • Let Me Go
    Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long • A Pretty Decent Cape in My Closet
  • We Are the Halluci Nation
    A Tribe Called Red • We Are the Halluci Nation
  • Eagle Song
    Russell Wallace • Neo-Nativisms
  • Something To Say
    JB the First Lady • Meant To Be
  • The Attempts at Formation of the Illusory Tribe: AIDS Ragtime
    David Wojnarowicz and Ben Neill • itsofomo
  • Trance 4
    Icebreaker • Trance
  • VII
    Forager • Scribe Stepping In and Out of Season
  • Part 2, Track 7
    Mary Shelley • Frankenstein
  • Raw Language
    Forest Swords • Compassion
  • Smoking Gun Tape
    White House Tapes • White House Tapes
  • Ivy
    Christopher. • James