SpeakEasy – Episode December 17, 2017


  • Mull River Shuffle
    The Rankin Family • North Country
  • The Sea Ranch Songs: Gratitude
    Kronos Quartet, Aleksandra Vrebalov • Aleksandra Vrebalov:The Sea Ranch Songs
  • Sprout
    Ghost And Tape • Vár
  • Hebrides, Bailey, Fairisle
    North Atlantic Explorers • My Father Was a Sailor
  • End of the War
    News-45-08-14 • Internet Archive
  • In Our Bedroom After the War
    Stars • In Our Bedroom After the War
  • He's God
    Bob Keelaghan, Muerte Pan Alley • The Soundtrack to Intersection
  • Cielo Rojo
    Slow Meadow • Costero
  • I Have My Share of Calluses, Thank You
    Good Ghost Bill • holler.
  • White Hills
    Awenda Provincial Park • remain calm
  • Outro (Hfbcbfn)
    Thanya Iyer • Do You Dream