SpeakEasy – Episode January 7, 2018


  • Still I Rise
    Maya Angelou • Caged Bird Songs
  • Blues Come Home (History of the Delta Blues)
    Sid Wallace, Clayton Love • Still Got the Blues 2
  • Tide
    CGSW • Acedia
  • Black Mermaid Pt. 1
    Ian Keteku • Lessons from Planet Earth (Re-evolution)
  • Weary Blues
    Eric Mingus, The Langston Hughes Project • Langston Hughes: The Dream Keeper
  • The Unwinding Road
    Simon Millerd • Lessons and Fairytales
  • NOLA Thanks
    Good Ghost Bill • Holler.
  • Stubbler's Gump
    Long Time No Time • Demo
  • You Make Me Feel, Like, Unnatural, Woman
    John Paul Davis • Crown Prince of Rabbits
  • Spinning Wheel
    Amplified • No Sleep
  • The Truth About Dolls
    Jamilla Woods • The Truth About Dolls
  • Keeping a Door Closed
    Awenda Provincial Park • smoking in your mom's car
  • Do You Dream Documentary: The Making Of
    Thanya Iyer • Do You Dream