SpeakEasy – Episode October 28, 2018

Happy Halloween!


  • How to See Ghosts or Surely Bring Them to You
    Vincent Price • A Hornbook for Witches
  • Double Double Toil and Trouble
    GP Skratz • Shakespeare's Greatest Hits
  • Anomalous Level Experiment
    Psychic Pollution • Memoirs From a Flat Planet
  • Nightmares
    Ian Keteku • Lessons from Planet Earth
  • The Ouija Board
    Laurie Anderson • Talk Normal
  • Overstep
    Bee Eater • Jet Roar Black
  • I'm in Your Brain
    Reverend Beat-Man • Broken Words with Rhythm and Poetry
  • Some Damn List
    Chris Reimer • Hello People
  • Visnaga
    Felicia Atkinson • Hand in Hand
  • Fractals (Truth 1)
    Jessica Moss • Entanglement
  • Spanish Train
    Chris De Burgh • The Best of Chris De Burgh
  • Ashes Are What's Left
    Lydia Lunch and Mark Hurtado • My Lover The Killer