SpeakEasy – Episode November 17, 2019


  • i
    Sean Dennehy • What it feels like
  • Daydream
    Orchestre national de jazz de Montreal • The Mystic Mind
  • Part 2: Getting Out of Bed
    S. Hollis Mickey • How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
  • Accept Reality
    Cares • Control Isn't Real
  • Ripples in a Water Scene
    Lubomyr Melnyk • Rivers and Streams
  • Wichita Vortex Sutra
    Philip Glass, Bruce Livingston, Ethan Hawke • Glass: Dreaming Awake
  • His Shining Fur Said to Fill the Sky, Trees and Sea With Light
    Jung People • Gold Bristle
  • Petit Piano
    Flore Laurentienne • Volume 1
  • A Star Here and a Star There
    Anne Clark, Thomas Ruckoldt • Homage (The Silence Inside)
  • Perfume Sample
    Black to Comm • Before After
  • Mind
    Illuse • Illusionary Situation