SpeakEasy – Episode March 1, 2020


  • The Battle for Earth
    Almost Empty • Orgasmic Tangential Love
  • The Pure and the Damned
    Oneohtrix Point Never, Iggy Pop • Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • Alice
    A Pact Between Strangers • Winter In The Ribs of Autumn
  • Of Riding Broken Bicycles
    Durrell Smith and Michael Wagner • I Find Myself in Blue Evenings of Riding Broken Bicycles Carried Through Years While Honey Bees Melt in Tangerine Bliss
  • The Gardeners
    Colin Stetson • Color Out Of Space OST
  • Americana/the garden waits for you to match her wilderness
    Ambrose Akinmusire • Origami Harvest
  • Pyres on Pyres
    Alder and Ash • The Crowneater
  • Northlands Old and Toothless Wizard
    Eno • From the Lower Earth and Ocean
  • cascade above us
    quiet/winter/roads • as i am able
  • The Creature
    Sascha Liebrand & Wendy McGrath • Before We Knew
  • The Anatomy of Melancholy
    Velvet Glacier • Le Retour des Rois
  • Serenity
    Jacques Greene • Dawn Chorus