Speaking in Tongues – Episode June 25, 2016


  • Cumbia Sobre el Mar
    Quantic Presents Flowering Inferno • Dog With a Rope
  • Cumbia del Olvido
    Nicola Cruz, featuring Jiony Remix • Prender El Alma Remixed
  • Beesan Rum (A Song for Anna)
    Gilb'r • Acid Arab 3
  • Bade Zile
    Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra • Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra
  • Nine Mile Blubber Pile
    Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds • La Arana Es La Vida
  • La Isla de los Quadrados Magicos
    Los Nastys • Cannibal Business
  • You Got What it Takes
    Steve Dawson • Solid States and Loose Ends
  • Down to the Show
    Hi-Strung Downers • Can't Feel Good All the Time
  • O Rei de Tupanga
    Iconili • The Rough Guide to Brazilian Jazz
  • Slinger
    Anthony Joseph • Caribbean Roots
  • And the Stylus Followed
    Blktop Project • Concrete Jungle
  • Hong Kong Blues
    Various, featuring Jeff Healey • 40 Years of Stony Plain
  • Same River Once
    D-Town Brass • Golden Belt
  • The Other
    Kenna Burima • Hymn
  • El Fandango de la Mancha
    Viguela • Temperamento: Traditional Music from Spain