Standing on the Shoulders – Episode September 24, 2018


  • Meditations from a Whilrpool for Tom Carter
    R Keenan Lawler • For Tom Carter
  • Strid
    Bad Dylan • Pogogo
  • The Prisoner
    Gil Scott Heron • The Revolution Begins
  • Back to Me Blues
    Tom Greenwood • For Tom Carter
  • Save Your Love For Me
    Walter Wolfmann Washington • My Future is My Past
  • Just a Hint
    Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble • Our Hospitality
  • The Mountains Are Calling
    not a musician, what am i doing here? • 2018
  • Nobody Understands These Simple Things
    Illuse • Illusionary Situation
    Esteban Herrera Trio • Hogar
  • Elbow Tit
    Jazz Bras Dot Com • Witch Tapes
  • Strange Worlds
    Sun Ra and His Solar Myth Arkestra • The Solar Myth Approach Volume 2