Strange Attractors – Episode June 15, 2022

Program: Strange Attractors

Length: 60 minutes

Guest Dylan Armstrong treats listeners to a healthy serving of ASMR and art pop! An extra special sister spectacular.


  • Spotted Brown
    Sean Nicholas Savage • Flamingo
  • Double Vision
    TOPS • Tender Opposites
  • RIP
    Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton • Choir of the Mind
  • The Rat
    Sean Nicholas Savage • Bermuda Waterfall
  • The Last Train's Come and Gone
    Cindy Lee • Act of Tenderness
  • Night Hunk
    LTLeif and Amber PB • Newfangled Objects of Our Desires (NOOODs)
  • headless golden angel
    Plumb Trinket • i take the easy path every time
  • Anemoia
    Kellarissa • Voice Leading
  • love & reb1111rth
    x/o • cocoon egg
  • Tiny Floating Things in the Air
    Moat Bells • Bones of Things
  • Purple World
    Ryan Bourne • Purple World