Strange Attractors – Episode August 31, 2022

First Late Night Show and it's a BBBBanger. End of summer playlist. Feels like begging a sunset to slow down and glow a little longer.


  • Moonlight Lady
    Sean Nicholas Savage, Better Person • Covered In Gloria
  • Aurora Summer (ESPRIT 空想 Remix)
    George Clanton, Nick Hexum, ESPRIT 空想 • Aurora Summer (ESPRIT 空想 Remix)
  • Video Club
    Konx-Om-Pax • Caramel
  • Top Of The Block
    Satin Sheets • St. Francis II
  • Pest Control
    Naked Flames • Plaster & Iron
  • Panico A Las 5am
    Angel Rada • Soul Jazz Records Presents VENEZUELA 70: Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth
  • The Snooze Button
    HEXSYSTEM • The Snooze Button
  • hino hyno
    hello moth • birds on wires
  • The Tide in Your Eyes
    Various Artists • Forest City Series, Vol. 5
  • Elephant
    Loke Rahbek, Frederik Valentin • Elephant
  • VII & IIX
    Nick Storring • Music from Wéi 成为