Strange Attractors – Episode February 8, 2023

Very broad range in this ep! Tune in to take a trip from hardcore experimental, all the way into drone ambient. I hope it settles into the folds in your brain and fills them with experimental goodness. mmmmmmsmooothbrain


  • Splatter!
    Machine Girl • U-Void Synthesizer
  • ultratronics 01
    Ryoji Ikeda • ultratronics
  • Night Ride
    Coby Sey • Conduit
  • Magnets
    A Pact Between Strangers • Tracking
  • trash is big business
    sour spirit • LIVE DUSS III
  • Nothing Man
    P166 • Six
    TWEAKS • Older Now
  • Into Beyond
    Centennial Gardens • SPLIT
  • postcode wars
    Klein • STAR IN THE HOOD
  • The Fear of Giving Up
    SoapDrip • They Took The Kitchen Sink
  • Why Don't You Stay, For A Moment
    pigbaby • Palindromes
  • chants d'oiseau.wav
    bridge of sand. • sketches