Strange Attractors – Episode March 15, 2023

Take a trip to Pistachio Island, where the only thing better than the nuts is the playlist. which is also nuts. Hefty helping of experimental goodness: breakcore, industrial, drone, noise, and punk. Joined by Brennan from Prisoner's Dilemma for some commentary n feedback >:)


  • Perfect Blue
    Midbooze • Perfect Blue
  • aerokiwi lagoon
    ilkae • pistachio island
  • Symbiosis
    Govlink • Planaria
  • Okayness
    Drumcorps • Night Ride
  • Lee Break
    Dalibor Cruz • Heed Execration
  • Off White Drone
    invasionUSA • Isolator 1
  • In Due Time
  • Deadend Machine
    Lorde Awesome • More Reaction Than Response: Early Noise Part One
  • Physical Fight
    Fussing • Brackish
  • Tarsier, Tarsier, Tarsier, Tarsier
    Xiu Xiu • Ignore Grief
  • I'll Live
    Blank Hellscape • I'll Live Until It Ends