Tha Gospel Ov Fire – Episode May 10, 2016


  • New World Order
    Discharge • End Of Days
  • Mass Graves Of The Innocent
    Winds Of Genocide • Usurping The Throne Of Disease
  • A Lesson In Human Control
    Police Bastard • Dead To The World
  • Cancer Spreading
    Deviated Instinct • Terminal Filth Stenchcore
  • Capitulation
    Sonance • Blister The Maw
  • Endless Decay
    Wake • Sowing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow
  • Hopeless
    Column Of Heaven • Column Of Heaven / Suffering Luna split
  • Futile Future
    Massgrave • The Absurdity Of Humanity
  • Time For The Fix
    Rotten Sound • Abuse To Suffer
  • Turning Point
    Ancst • Moloch
  • Blossoming Of The Web
    Noisem • Blossoming Decay
  • aphorism 57: Other Fears, Other Safeties.
    Friedrich Nietzsche translated by JM Kennedy • The Dawn Of Day read by JDW
  • Les Litanies De Satan (Les Fleurs Du Mal)
    Rotting Christ • Rituals
  • Χαίρε Τρίμορφη Θεά
    Kawir • Πάτερ 'Ηλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα
  • Chapel
    Goetic Equivalent • Goetic Equivalent
  • aphorism 60: All Spirit finally becomes Visible.
    Friedrich Nietzsche translated by JM Kennedy • The Dawn Of Day read by JDW
  • Liber III: Yhvh eloah ve daath
    Black Ceremonial Kult • Har​-​pa​-​jered / Abdicación divina​.​.​.​ ascensión de la muerte infinita
  • The Great Serpent of Knowledge
    Nar Mattaru • Ancient Atomic Warfare
  • Hacia el Vórtice
    Invehertex • Hacia el Vórtice
  • Slow Agony Of A Dying Orgasm
    Puce Mary • The Spiral
  • Call Of Deliverance
    Rapoon • Song From The End Of The World
  • Чортові Cкелі
    Крода • Навій Cхрон
  • Black Star
    Lustmord • Purifying Fire
  • The Fire, The Fool And The Harlot (The Hangman’s Triad)
    Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio • [Vision:Libertine] - The Hangman's Triad
  • Moment's Notice
    Steve Roach, Robert Logan • Second Nature
  • In My Blood There Is A Curse
    Big River Dream, Forest Management • Bon Echo
  • Drone 1
    Havenaire • Tremolo
  • Elementary Particle
    Chihei Hatakeyama • You're Still In It
  • Sacred Incubation Chamber
    Avery Gabbiano • Oracles & Chambers
  • Thirst
    Ana Sokolovic, Julia Wolfe • Thirst
  • Identikit
    Radiohead • A Moon Shaped Pool
  • FUTURhyme
    OdderOtter • Corpus Collosum