That’s Classical? – Episode August 7, 2016


  • Up and Down Dubstep
    Laura Silberberg, Beverly Johnson, Pamela Reimer • Woman Runs With Wolves'
  • Quantum Mechanics
    Jeffrey Ryan, Scott St. John, David Harding, Annalee Patipatanakoon, Roman Borys • Quantum Mechanics
  • Heart to Heart
    Alice Ping Yee Ho, Piano Duo 2X10 • Glistening Pianos
  • In the Fire of Conflict
    Christos Hatzis, Beverly Johnson • Woman Runs With Wolves
  • Diaphonic Trio
    James Tenney, Marc Sabat & Stephen Clarke • Music for Violin and Piano
  • Of Heart and Tide
    Amadeus Choir & Bach Children's Chorus • Voices of Earth
  • Ville Etrange
    Claude Vivier, Array Ensemble • Strange City - Ville Etrange