That’s Classical? – Episode March 26, 2017


  • Gargoyles
    Otto Luening • Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Centre
  • Ash
    Michael Torke, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra • Color Music
  • Kneeling Dance
    Kevin Volans, Piano Circus • Piano Circus
  • Konzert fur Trompete, Klavier und Orchester
    Jaan Raats, Orchestre Des Pays De Savoie • The Art of Minimal Music
  • Poeme Electronique
    Edgard Varese, Alarm Will Sound • Modernists
  • For Heart, Breath, and Orchestra
    Richard Reed Parry, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra • From Here On Out
  • Concerto Tradicionuevo
    Canadian Guitar Quartet, Patrick Roux • Mappa Mundi
  • Cold War Suite from How It Happens
    Scott Johnson, Kronos Quartet • Howl, U.S.A.
  • Ut
    Marcos Balter, Nadia Sirota • First Things First