That’s Classical? – Episode September 19, 2021

Program: That’s Classical?

Length: 120 minutes


  • Shelter Island
    Xavier Dubois Foley, Randall Goosby • Roots
  • For Edna
    Leila Adu-Gilmore, Amanda Gookin • Forward Music Project 1.0
  • Electric Pow Wow Drum
    Attacca Quartet, Halluci Nation • Real Life
  • Ripple for Marimba Solo
    Akira Miyoshi, Kuniko Kato • Tribute to Miyoshi
  • What We Are Doing to Ourselves
    Kate Amrine • This Is My Letter to the World
  • Troubled Water
    Bryce Dessner, Lavena • in your hands
  • Double Concert for Violin & Cello
    Jesper Nordin, Rick Stotjin, Malin Broman, Simon Crawford-Philips • Back to Stockhome
  • Saturday Night at Fort Chambly
    Alex Eddington, Scarborough Philharmonic Orchestra • Canadian Panorama
  • Musica concertante per 12 archi
    Sándor Veress, Camerata Bern • Plaisirs illumines
  • Troubled Water
    Margaret Bonds, Samantha Ege • Four Women