The A.M. – Episode October 16, 2017

The mayoral forum takes up the 2nd hour (listen before you vote, and then vote). But that still leaves two hours of reverb-drenched goodness


  • Walkin in Hawkins
    Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein • Stranger Things Season 2
  • Volcano Spirits
    Marly Lüske • Online single
  • The Stars Vs Creatures
    Colleen • A Flame My Love, A Frequency
  • The Moon Will Always Be There
    Carmen Villain • Infinite Avenue
  • Vortex Folding In
    woulg • Tiny Moon
  • Ratio (Radio Edit)
    Floating Points • Ratio EP
  • Get Behind Me Satan and Push
    The Left Hand Path • Get Behind Me Satan and Push
  • PERG (Honing)
    Cock and Swan • Dream Alone
  • Subway Moonlight
    Melted Mirror • Melted Mirror
  • Swamp Core
    Beliefs • Habitat
  • This City Belongs To Us
    Reverie Sound Revue • Reverie Sound Revue
  • Tomorrow's Ship
    The Sparrow • Tomorrow's Ship 7"
  • Gin
    Luna • A Sentimental Education
  • War on Peace
    The Jesus & Mary Chain • Damage and Joy
  • Light Years
    Devonian Gardens • Jamming the Trump Agenda: A Sonic Fundraiser for the ACLU & Sierra Club
  • Humaniora
    Sound of Ceres • The Twin
  • Here It Comes (2017 Version)
    The KVB • Always Then Revisited
  • Love Like the Ocean
    Jom Comyn • I Need Love
  • Polarized
    Peach Pyramid • Repeating Myself
  • Emily
    Mini Dresses • Mini Dresses
  • The Museum of Fog
    The Clientele • Music for the Age of Miracles
  • I'll Wait for the Others
    Angelo de Augustine • Swim Inside the Moon
  • CUCme
    Anhai • Online single