The A.M. – Episode December 16, 2019

This week's unofficial theme is missed gems from 2019—with plenty of digressions along the way, of course.


  • Different Dreams
    Astral TV • Travelling the Circuits
  • Beloved Exile
    Steve Moore • Beloved Exile
  • Lost at Sea
    Kid Koala, featuring Trixie Whitley • Music to Draw To: Io
  • All Armed
    Nils Frahm • All Encores
  • Impossible Knots
    Thom Yorke • Anima
  • Above the Clouds
    Psychemagik • I Feel How This Night Should Look
  • Among the Stars
    Moonrunner83 • Streets (The Instrumentals)
  • Heavy Metal
    Cindy Lee • What's Tonight To Eternity
  • Cedric
    Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls • Online single
  • Breathe
    Tonstartssbandht • Sorcerer
  • Hugs & Kisses (Theme from A Sunny Day in Glasgow)
    A Sunny Day in Glasgow • Tout New Age
  • Passionate Introverts (Dinosaurs)
    A Sunny Day in Glasgow • Ashes Grammar
  • Stare (Radio Mix)
    High Parade • The Ocean
  • Light Conductor
    Light Conductor • Sequence One
  • Can You Imagine Nothing
    Kikagaku Moyo • Kikagaku Moyo
  • Who I Am
    Un Blonde • Good Will Come To You
  • Twilight Eyes
    Family Video • Forever Changes Overnight
  • Grey Streets
    Felt • Forever Breathes the Lonely Word
  • Last
    The Death of Pop • Six
  • Seen My Aura
    Helado Negro • This Is How You Smile
  • Nature Man and Woman
    Badge Époque Ensemble • Nature Man and Woman
  • Demoniaque
    Von Lehbauer • Ghostlike Projections
  • For What
    Sunglaciers • Foreign Bodies
  • Before You Leave
    Living Hour • Softer Faces
  • No Fear of Hellfire
    Nap Eyes • Whine of the Mystic