The A.M. – Episode January 3, 2022

The second half of a two-part look back at the music of 2021, featuring long-distance collaborations, bedroom-pop projects, wordless concept albums, and audience-free live performances. What better way to start a year than with soothing sounds made in uneasy times?


  • Yaral Sa Doom II
    Wau Wau Collectif • Yaral Sa Doom
  • Nisse
    Moat Bells • Scroll Through The Park
  • Growth Potential
    Pye Corner Audio • Entangled Routes
  • Survive Outside
    Untrained Animals • Fragments of a Chronology of Chance
  • Chroma
    Concretism • Teliffusion
  • Supercollider
    Alexandre Bazin • Concorde
  • Glass Landscape
    Cylindricon • Zettasecond
  • Full Heart
    Proxima Psychoacoustics • Ataroth
  • Hidden By Horizons
    Lone • Always Inside Your Head
  • Ecovocative
    Hannah Peel • Fir Wave
  • Now (Forever Momentary Space)
    Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble • Now
  • Road of the Lonely Ones
    Madlib • Sound Ancestors
  • Suzushii Kaze
    Fuubutsushi • Shiki
  • Along Deserted Streets
    Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk • Eight Fragments Of An Illusion
  • In Bloom (in the woods)
    Moses Sumney • Live From Blackalachia
  • Viscosity
    Leanne Betasamosake Simpson • Theory of Ice
  • Wild Goldfish
    Andre Ethier • Further Up Island
  • Misterio Do Planeta
    High Five • As velhas direções ainda resolvem
  • Bismilahi Atagah
    Mdou Moctar • Afrique Victime
  • A Rising Sun
    Mint Julep • In a Deep and Dreamless Sleep
  • The Father of Time Wakes Up
    The Besnard Lakes • ...Are the Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings
  • A Garden by the Sea
    Beautify Junkyards • Cosmorama
  • La Naranja
    Helado Negro • Far In
  • Portrait of the Artist as a Thursday
    Charles Spearin • My City Of Starlings
  • V. Movement
    Bell Orchestre • House Music
  • Station to Station
    Mega Bog • Life, and Another
  • Mandelbrot Fall
    Cold Beat • War Garden
  • I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry
    Ohama • My Electronic Country Album
  • From Nowhere to North
    Nosdam + Rayon • From Nowhere to North