The A.M. – Episode January 24, 2022

I didn't notice that the 400th episode of the AM had come and gone, but celebrating number 402 works just as well. I shared the first song ever played on The AM, and there'll be a Spotify playlist of the first episode's tracklist available sometime shortly—visit for that one. But, we're always looking forward, and this week's mix of cosmic synthesizers, melodic art-rock, and psychedelic surf is your recommended way to ease into the last week of January.


  • Dreamt In The Current Of Leafless Winter
    Andrew Wasylyk, featuring Alabaster DePlume • Single
  • Évaporations
    Charbonneau / Amato • Synth Works Vol​.​2
  • Always Dreamin'
    Ray Barbee • ELECTRONIC KUMOKO cloudchild
  • Disko Bay
    Eine Kleine China • Prince Tsushinkogyo
  • Tropic Morass
    Everyday Dust • Mosscillators
  • Clarion (Kiasmos Remix)
    Ben Lukas Boysen • Clarion
  • Imaginary Forces
    Trees Speak • Vertigo of Flaws: Emancipation of the Dissonance and Temperaments in Irrational Waveforms
  • Cosmic Logic
    Untrained Animals • Fragments of a Chronology of Chance
  • Equilibrium Reflux
    Lunar Lemur • Sifting Stars
  • Kokning
    Bjørn Torske • Gullftjellet
  • Vintage Brain Fog
    Orange Crate Art • Curve Lines, Loops and Dashes
  • Looking Backward
    Melody's Echo Chamber • Emotional Eternal
  • Only You Know
    Beach House • Once Twice Melody
  • The Lonely Smurfer
    Johnny Hawaii • Smurf's Up
  • Drivin' Down to the Beach (Smokin' Weed in Your Car)
    Johnny Hawaii • Smurf's Up
  • Drip Dry
    Beach Towels • Single
  • Never Know
    Sam Evian • Time To Melt
  • Light of Loving
    Faith Healer • Try ;-)
  • At the Time
    The Soundcarriers • Wilds
  • Candy BB
    Crystal Eyes • Radical Softness EP
  • Several Souvenirs
    Exek • Good Thing They Ripped Up The Carpet
  • The True Wheel
    Brian Eno • Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
  • The Year of Love
    Jenny Hval • Classic Objects
  • Garden Party
    Jim Guthrie • Nobody Saves the World (Original Game Soundtrack)
  • Happy (Slow Burner)
    Michael Rother, Vittoria Maccabruni • As Long as the Light
  • Free Gloss
    Holy Fuck • Deleter
  • I Need You to Fix This
    Economics • The Wastes