The A.M. – Episode February 7, 2022

From the foggy beginnings of Easy Idiot's dungeon-synth and Concretism's VHS-inspired synths, to the jangling guitars of The Reds, Pinks & Purples and Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, the first AM of February is here to wake you into a bright, sunshiny week.


  • A Chance Meeting
    Easy Idiot • Agdistis & The Technomancer
  • Red, Green, Blue
    Concretism • Teliffusion
  • D-85 Teardrop
    Chad VanGaalen • NTH 2
  • Equal
    Yutaka Hirasaka • In The Moment
  • The Coming Winter
    Bristol Manor • Going Nowhere
  • Their More Isolated Locations G@90bpm
    lokey • an eternal bloom
  • Everything
    Max Cooper • Unspoken Words
  • Pigs (Blockhead Instrumental Mix)
    Aesop Rock, Blockhead • The Recycling Bin
  • Hang Glyde
    Garrett • Private Life III
  • No Classification
    Maylee Todd • Maloo
  • Portra (Jez Williams Remix)
    White Flowers • Remixes
  • Moderation
    Cate Le Bon • Pompeii
  • Indigo Highway
    Dana Gavanski • When It Comes
  • Balcony Steps
    Blair Ellair • After the Last Winter
  • Money Can't Buy
    The Order of the 12 • Lore of the Land
  • Like a Ship
    Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir • Like a Ship (Without a Sail)
  • Ever Since
    Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth for Christ Choir • Like a Ship (Without a Sail)
  • Dreams are Luxuries (Mysteries Version)
    Voyagers of Icarie • Dreams are Luxuries EP
  • Haunting
    A.R. Kane • When You're Sad EP
  • Hypnotized
    White Poppy • The Pink Haze of Love
  • Samba Song
    Shadow Folk • Holiest Of Days
  • Paint It Green
    The Asteroid No. 4 • Northern Songs
  • Tell Me What's Real
    The Reds, Pinks & Purples • Summer at Land's End
  • The Way it Shatters
    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever • Endless Rooms
  • Rocks on the Ramp
    Helvetia • Essential Aliens
  • A Hold on Losing
    Cedric Noel • Hang Time
  • Strung Back Around
    Fog Lake • Dragonchaser
  • Repair
    Jo Passed • Their Prime
  • Dark
    Parker Sprout • Milk In the Sun
  • Sometimes It Scares Me
    The Haiduks • On Air
  • We Flood Empty Lakes
    Yndi Halda • Enjoy Eternal Bliss