The A.M. – Episode March 21, 2022

Diana Sherlock joins at the 2:15 mark to talk about Calgary's Art Underground, the latest cultural mapping initiative from the Calgary Institute for the Humanities. That, plus Laraaji's inspirational laughter, a throwback to The Hardy Tree's nostalgic 2010 debut, and other sounds for the first day of spring.


  • Station 10
    Field Works, featuring Stuart Hyatt & Laraaji • Stations
  • Efflorescence
    Luke Sanger • Languid Gongue
  • Footprints end
    wihtikow • ᐃᐧᐦᑎᑯᐤ
  • Scorpio
    Videodrones • Single
  • Wildlife Documentaries
    The Analog Girl • Single
  • Hologram
    Cylindricon • Technicolour
  • Dialects of the Hum
    Dogs versus Shadows • The Lull Of The Ley
  • Year Four, Term Two, Final Performance
    Monroeville Music Center • Kooky Nuts Pop
  • Volcanic Winter
    ecotype • Civil Version
  • Thunder Road
    Martinou • Rift
  • Carina
    Kristine Leschper • The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door
  • American Coffee
    Jenny Hval • Classic Objects
  • Unseasonable Warmth
    Exek • Advertise Here
  • Helpless
    Dada Plan • The Madness Hides
  • Sunshine on a Warm Brick Wall
    The Hardy Tree • The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath
  • We Waltzed At The Victoria Theatre
    The Hardy Tree • The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath
  • Wondering, Waiting
    Sam Gendel, Antonia Cytrynowicz • Live a Little
  • 57 Lashes of the Mallet
    The Natural Yogurt Band • Single
  • Holiest of Days
    Shadow Folk • Holiest Of Days
  • Lodger
    Papercuts • Past Life Regression
  • Lying
    Dany Placard, Julie Doiron • Julie & Dany
  • Get a Little Love (From Me)
    Johnny Zithers • SAD SONGS I'VE SUNG BY MYSELF with elijah on drums
  • Anabella
    Shecky Formé • 002
  • The Once Child
    OMBIIGIZI • Sewn Back Together
  • So Many Things (To Feel Guilty About)
    Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp • We're OK. But We're Lost Anyway.
  • Where’s the One (Edit)
    Congotronics International • Where's The One?
  • Marché des vivants
    Yoo Doo Right • Don't Think You Can Escape Your Purpose
  • Do You Ever?
    Blume • Repetition