The A.M. – Episode June 27, 2022

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

What are the edges of off-beat easy listening? We've got vintage Swedish psych and American jazz-fusion, '90s trip-hop and brand new Canadian neo-classical composition. Excessively eclectic or appropriately laid-back? Judge for yourself.


  • Field II: Slow Drift
    Richard Reed Parry, Susie Ibarra • Heart and Breath: Rhythm and Tone Fields
  • Next Time Could Be Your Last Time
    Forgiveness • Next Time Could Be Your Last Time
  • Seventh String
    Makaya McCraven • In These Times
  • Ital is Vital
    Shabaka • Afrikan Culture
  • Kiddo Caterpillar
    Salamanda • ashbalkum
  • Pacific Coast Highway
    Patricia Wolf • See-Through
  • Purgatory for Vancouver Buzz Bands
    The Golden Age Of Wrestling • Crossface Chicken Wing
  • Echoes
    Rival Consoles • Single
  • Spell (Morgan Greenwood Remix)
    Hermitess • Ace of Cups
  • Crucible
    Sanctums • Neon Wraith
  • Tropicola
    Stringtronics • Mindbender
  • Estrela Acesa
    Sessa • Estrela Acesa
  • The Not Real Lake
    Loving • Loving
  • Like a Fable
    Shintaro Sakamoto • Like a Fable
  • Guardians of Eden
    Wax Machine • Hermit's Grove
  • Patience is Virtue
    William S. Fischer • Circles
  • There's a Light that Shines
    William S. Fischer • Circles
  • Zodiac
    Badge Époque Ensemble, featuring James Baley • Clouds of Joy
  • Allt på denna runda jord
    Mats Glenngård • Kosterläge
  • No Heaven
    Crystal Eyes • The Sweetness Restored
  • Red River
    Zoon, featuring Sunnsetter • Big Pharma EP
  • No Body
    Living Hour • Someday Is Today
  • Anima
    Gwenno • Tresor
  • Some Other Thing
    John Glacier • SHILOH: Lost For Words
  • A Great Escape
    Stelar Door • Visions of Erehwon
  • Daydream in Blue
    I Monster • These Are Our Children
  • Mushrooms & Roses
    Janelle Monáe • The ArchAndroid
  • Up 2 Me
    Tess Roby • Ideas of Space
  • Is it Me or is it You?
    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith • Let's Turn It Into Sound
  • Threads of Memory
    Para Palabras, featuring JWMB3 • Two Lakes
  • Hawk
    White Poppy • Paradise Gardens