The A.M. – Episode July 11, 2022

Program: The A.M.

Length: 180 minutes

This week's episode indulges in a Stampede special, sandwiched between two hours of ambient electronics, dream pop and psychedelia. Enjoy the cosmic American music, or skip to the more familiar AM sounds — either way, hope you have a wonderful week.


  • Pebble
    Sun Rain • Pebble/Waters
  • Navigation IV
    Flore Laurentienne • Volume II
  • Quotidian
    In The Well • Atomium
  • A Ghost at Noon
    Sam Prekop, John McEntire • Sons Of
  • Followers - J. Alpinist Remix
    Hermitess • Ace of Cups - Remixes
  • The New River Path, August
    The Hardy Tree • Common Grounds
  • Our Lips are Sealed
    Füxa • Electric Sounds of Summer
  • Tundra
    Myna Cycles • Single
  • Headlights on the Bedroom Wall
    Proxima Psychoacoustics • Time, Space, And The Future
  • Xiu
    Yu Su • Yellow River Blue
  • Song of the Mournful Millionaire
    Fiver • Soundtrack to A More Radiant Sphere : The Joe Wallace Mixtape
  • Talking Love to Sandra
    Pierre Cavalli, Léon Francioli, Tony D'Adario • Folk and Western Guitars
  • My Heart is a Piece of Garbage. Fight Seagulls Fight.
    Rae Spoon • Superioryouareinferior
  • Lonesome Picker
    Jim Sullivan • Jim Sullivan
  • Ladies of Rodeo
    Alex Izenberg • I'm Not Here
  • Another Day Goes Down
    Bill Jerpe • Bill Jerpe
  • My Brother is the Meatman
    Royal City • Alone at the Microphone
  • Sleep a Million Years
    Kathy Heideman • Move with Love
  • Ace Insurance Man
    Bobbie Gentry • Local Gentry
  • Over Everything
    Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile • Lotta Sea Lice
  • Old Man Carver
    Willie Thrasher • Spirit Child
  • Emptiness Follows
    Aoife Nessa Frances • Single
  • Mountain Music
    group O • Single
  • Bats in Blue Twilight
    Steven Lambke • Volcano Volcano
  • All I Can Do
    Wax Machine • Hermit's Grove
  • Star Streaming
    The Pink Elephants • Single
  • Pepsi Vacuum
    Dummy • Mono Retriever
  • Grumpy Joa
    Minami Deutsch • Fortune Goodies
  • Convincing
    Wet Leg • Wet Leg
  • Thought Maps
    Sunglaciers • Subterranea
  • Ardamm
    Gwenno • Tresor